ASP Development

  • MVC

    The vast bulk of my development work over the last four years has been with ASP.NET MVC; versions 2 through 5.
    • Intranet

      The majority of projects are line of business applications with Active Directory authentication/authorization.

      These serve a variety of Head Office departments from HR, Finance and Staff Development to company Admin.

      They consist of multi-tiered, multi-assembly applications coded in C# (to version 6) in all layers.

      I use well accepted coding patterns and employ Unity 3 for Dependency Injection and Enterprise Library blocks as appropriate.

      I am proficient with the use of LINQ for model instantiation and manipulation.

      Besides writing snippets of raw javascript, I've very familiar with JQuery and plugins such as ui and validate and regularly use widgets including mask & timepicker. I also employ other libraries such as moment.js

      I've been employing the Bootstrap framework for three years and am comfortable using it with the Razor View engine.

      Working in a small team under pressure to produce quick results has meant a lack of exposure to formal test driven development projects and is another factor in my seeking a new challenge with a larger team.

    • Internet

      • Restricted

        Recently I have completed the first release of a public facing site aimed at the 2000+ employees 'in the field'.

        This has been built with MVC 5 and, besides all the technologies outlined above, uses Identity 2.0 for authentication/authorization against existing databases built for the intranet applications described above.

        Employees register using two-stage confirmation of a personal email address and are authenticated using personal data held within the organisation.

        The responsive application is built on the Bootstrap framework and is accessed through all the main browsers running on Windows, Android and iOS devices.

      • Public

        We have recently commissioned a third-party bespoke site built on Umbraco MVC.

        KEY owns the source code and we have it under TFS control, but it is still in its early stages and I claim only some familiarity and no expertise - yet!

  • WebForms

    The company has a couple of legacy sites written in C# that we continue to develop and maintain.

    One of these is public facing but login is restricted to those senior workers in the field who have an Active Directory account and the appropriate permissions.

    There's also this site, but any form of ASP is probably overkill as there's no database backend and it's really just a container for vanilla HTML, CSS and jQuery. It's obviously therefore ripe for migration to a CMS system and once all the content is updated I'll use it for getting more experience with Umbraco... Until then it can stay as a quaint historical curiosity :-)

  • Classic

    I gained a lot of experience with classic ASP while working as a developer for Compaq/HP from 2000 to 2003, as recounted elsewhere on this site.

    We also have several legacy sites at KEY so those old VBscript skills still get a run out.

    A number of these sites are entirely public while others require Active Directory login.