Microsoft courses and certifications

The official transcript for all my MS certs can be viewed by entering Transcript ID: 974419, Access Code: ThisIsIT, at Microsoft's MCP site or you can sneak peek right here.


This page is largely unchanged from the orignal site from a few years ago.

There's background on what went into obtaining these certs under the TFS page.

Here, I've just lifted the "skills measured" bullets from the MS website for the benefit of those who aren't familiar with any of them.

OK, I'll admit it's also so I can show off the certificates with a neat jQuery "fancyBox" effect if you click on the thumbnail images.

MCTS ADO 3.5 Certificate


  • Connecting to Data Sources.
  • Selecting and Querying Data.
  • Modifying Data.
  • Synchronizing Data.
  • Working with Disconnected Data.
  • Object Relational Mapping by Using the Entity Framework.

MCTS WCF 3.5 Certificate


  • Creating Services.
  • Exposing and Deploying Services.
  • Instrumenting and Administering Services.
  • Consuming Services.
  • Securing Services.
  • Managing the Service Life Cycle.

MCTS WPF 3.5 Certificate


  • Creating a WPF Application.
  • Building User Interfaces.
  • Adding and Managing Content.
  • Binding to Data Sources.
  • Customizing Appearance.
  • Configuring and Deploying WPF Applications.

Database Development Certificate

Database Development

  • Implementing tables and views.
  • Implementing programming objects.
  • Working with query fundamentals.
  • Applying additional query techniques.
  • Working with additional SQL Server components.
  • Working with XML data.
  • Gathering performance information.
MCTS .NET Framework 3.5 Certificate

.NET Framework

  • Developing applications that use system types and collections.
  • Implementing service processes, threading, and application domains.
  • Embedding configuration, diagnostic, management, and installation features.
  • Implementing serialization and input/output functionality.
  • Improving the security of .NET Framework applications by using the .NET Framework security features.
  • Implementing interoperability, reflection, and mailing functionality.
  • Implementing globalization, drawing, and text manipulation functionality.

MCTS ASP 3.5 Certificate


  • Configuring and Deploying Web Applications.
  • Consuming and Creating Server Controls.
  • Working with Data and Services.
  • Troubleshooting and Debugging Web Applications.
  • Working with ASP.NET AJAX and Client-Side Scripting.
  • Targeting Mobile Devices.
  • Programming Web Applications.

MCTS Windows Forms 3.5 Certificate

Windows Forms

  • Creating a UI for a Windows Forms Application by Using Standard Controls.
  • Integrating Data in a Windows Forms Application.
  • Implementing Printing and Reporting Functionality.
  • Enhancing Usability.
  • Implementing Asynchronous Programming Techniques to Improve the User Experience.
  • Deploying Windows Forms Controls.
  • Configuring and Deploying Applications.

SQL Implementation and Maintenance Certificate

SQL Implementation and Maintenance

  • Installing and configuring.
  • Maintining SQL Server instances.
  • Managing SQL Server security.
  • Maintaining a SQL Server database.
  • Performing data management tasks.
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting SQL Server.
  • Optimising SQL Server performance.
  • Implementing high availability.