Database Administration

Microsoft licensing changes and the nature and size of the organisation means I haven't had the chance with KEY to work with clustering, always on, change-tracking and other recent developments and is another major reason in my seeking a new challenge.

I'm the lead DBA for day-to-day SQL Server instance creation, maintenance and upgrade and fully involved in the full array of admin-related tasks, including but not limited to...

  • Deployment and maintenance of databases including their occasional renaming along with their logical and physical files
  • Create and maintain Logical Filegroups & schemas
  • Database Backup & restore, from point in time recovery of entire databases to recovery of specific data
  • The creation and management of accounts, logins, credentials and proxies
  • With the assistance of the system administrators, I led the move to group Managed Service Accounts for all applicable SQL Services.
  • Configuration of Database Mail
  • Creation and use of Linked servers
  • Routine use of the query analyser to advise on indexing and other performance issues.
  • Performance analyser


I'm fully involved in the installation, configuration and maintenance of the Reporting Service that hosts the many reports we develop.

This includes security administration and, working closely with our Sys Admins, configuration for TLS.


I'm very familiar with Intergration Services for a range of ETL tasks.

    In my DBA role I...

  • Created the SSIS Catalog on KEY's SQL 2012 and then 2014 instances
  • Migrated legacy packages to the new project format
  • Deploy Sql Server Data Tools SSIS projects to the server
  • Backup of the SSISDB database is handled by the Powershell cmdlets I wrote to backup all SQL databases on all intances