Database Development

I've worked with pretty much every version of SQL Server since 6.5

For most applications I use Entity Framework code first in the data access layer, though I still build the databases in SSMS and hand-code the mappings between tables and domain objects.

I then extensively employ C# LINQ to instantiate and manipulate business objects and collections in the logic/service layer.

However, I still regularly emply T-SQL for Views and SSRS reports and routinely create functions, stored procedures, triggers, transactions and more, as required.

While I create & develop the actual databases in SSMS, I use Visual Studio Database projects to store the DDL & DML under Team Foundation Server control.

I also use Visual Studio to code C# assemblies for deployment to SQL Server as CLR objects, e.g. to provide managed user-defined functions.


At KEY, we have a wide range of reports that serve every department and provide source data for external agencies such as regulatory bodies.

These are created using Visual Studio SSDT and employ shared data sources with datasets from parameterized queries as standard.


I have long-term experience working with Integration Services for a wide range of ETL tasks.

At KEY, this largely this involves moving data from existing legacy systems to new SQL Server based back ends or the combination of data from different sources for reporting purposes.

Other RDMS's

While most of my experience is with SQL Server, I have worked with many other database systems, including IBM DB2 on AS/400 for Dairy Crest and Oracle on Unix for Compaq/HP.

I much prefer the Microsoft way :)